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Alfa Romeo GT

Alfa Romeo GT Alfa Romeo GT Alfa Romeo GT Alfa Romeo GT Alfa Romeo GT

Alfa Romeo GT

Prezzo: €43.000

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Alfa Romeo
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Alfa Romeo GTV6

Alfa GTV 6 VHC pth, préparation récente par pros, grosse évolution , moteur 211cv, boite 5 courte, autobloc et pont court, freins AP 4 pistons, trains roulants rigides, radiateur alu, ligne échappement, embrayage renforcé, caisse allégée, 14 roues compomotives + alfetta gtv 2l pour caisse et pièces, peu courue, palmares, à saisir Frogg racing 04 93 65 49 36
Alfa Romeo GT
Alfa Romeo GT Alfa Romeo GT Alfa Romeo GT Alfa Romeo GT Alfa Romeo GT


Auto da Corsa


For sale race winning Toyota 2JZ powered BMW M3 E46, now running at 600 HP but easy capable of 1000 Horsepower (GTX4294R turbo). Lots of additional bits and pieces for sale at an additional price. Package deals cost less! BMW M3 E46 2JZ + some sp...

Ford Escort

Auto da Rally


Ford Escort Cosworth RS Rally Scocca RS originale appena revisionata a nuovo, sabbiata e riverniciata da zero e completamente allestita da Rally. Motore Cosworth BDG 2000; con carter secco e carburatori Dell'Orto DHLA 48. Cambio ZF 5 marce corsa...

Renault Clio

Auto da Corsa


Verkaufe Top gepflegten clio Cup komplett Rennfertig inkl Wagenpass aus dem Jahr 2011 also letzter stand.Das Fahrzeug ist absolut orginal und noch Verplombt. Das Getriebe wurde neu Revediert. Fahrzeug wird mit 8 Rädern Verkauft sowie 4 neuwertigen Du...



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Peugeot 208



Peugeot 208 bodykit, specially modified for rallycross. Possible to modify for supercars. Price depends on quantity and material, we are producing following versions: a) fiberglass (cheapest, but not light) b) carbon-aramid (manufacter in vacuum, c...



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Historic Formula Ford Alexis 18

Auto da Corsa


1970 Alexis 18 Historic Formula Ford in excellent condition One of the last 2 chassis ever made Full and receipted Scholar engine rebuild with gearbox refresh Complete and necessary historic paperwork to confirm eligibility for a numbe of historic...



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Vauxhall/opel Astra



Vauxhall/opel Astra 888 Astra spares we now have the largest stock in the world of 888 Astra Coupe spares. body panels original moulds uprights wishbones steering racks subframes 406 gearbox ratios sodemo engines swindon engines ra...