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Ford Escort

Ford Escort Ford Escort Ford Escort Ford Escort Ford Escort Ford Escort Ford Escort Ford Escort
Ford Escort

Ford Escort

Prezzo: €90

Dati principali

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FORD escort mk2

Mk2 escort built and developed over the last 6 years subaru based suspension Dash Logger
1. Motec SDL ( Sport Dash Logger )
2. 8 Analog Voltage Inputs
3. 4 Analog Temperature Inputs
4. 2 Digital Inputs ( used for Digital Speed )
5. 2 Speed Inputs ( used for analog speed )
6. 2 Switched Inputs
7. 4 Switched or PWM Outputs
8. Vertical & Lateral G Sensor ( Internal )
9. 8 MB Data Logging
10. USB CAN & RS 232 Communication Protocol
11. Night Vision backlight
12. Lap time display

Data Analysis Software
1. Lap number, Time & Fastest Lap
2. Lap overlays & time difference Analysis ( for driver & vehicle Performance )
3. Unlimited Channel analysis
4. Configurable data view templates
5. Suspension histogram for suspension performance analysis
6. Suspension velocity & displacement graphs
7. X Y line graphs for time or distance analysis
8. Dynamic track Map generation lat G wheel speed & lap beacon

Vehicle Sensors
1. 4 Wheel speed sensors ( for use with with launch and traction control )
2. 4 Damper position sensors for suspension analysis
3. Vertical & Lateral G sensors
4. Lap timing beacon
5. Brake pressure monitor front and rear with adjustable bios
6. Full throttle gear shift

Data Wiring Harness
1. Raychem DR25 heat shrink sleeving
2. Raychem T44 wire
3. Deusch Autosport Connectors

Jems race 2.3 supercharged 456 bhp 350 ft llb tourque duratec engine

RD 906 close ratio sequential 6 speed Tractive dog engagement

Rotrex C30-94 max impeller speed 100.000 rpm ( we are running at 70.000 )

WRC titanium steering column through modified rack and pinion steering rack.

Suspension and geometry
Fully independent, fully adjustable for castor, camber, track and toe front and rear
Supplied and fitted by jems race engineering front wishbones custom made  subaru front hubs 2009 wrx sti, rear 2002 wrx sti
Forrest spec lateral link arms, modified trailing link arm with built in anti squat
front and rear anti roll bars custom made 

R180 plated LSD with large drive shafts

custom made CDS and T45 tig welded in

front 330mm vented and groved with 4 pot touring car calipers 
rear 300mm vented and groved with 2 pot brembo calipers
For more info please call Mick on 07767 767089
Ford Escort
Ford Escort Ford Escort Ford Escort Ford Escort Ford Escort Ford Escort Ford Escort Ford Escort Ford Escort

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