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Citroen C2

Citroen C2 Citroen C2

Citroen C2

Prezzo: €39.000

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Citroen C2 R2 MAX

Built for 2012 season.
Body rebuilt (new paint, inside and out).
Custom cages T45 rollcage. Very light body.
Engine rebuilt - 0km (dynosheet to buyer),
Gearbox rebuilt - 0km (medium final drive),
Reiger dampers rebuilt - 0km,
Front and rear suspension parts rebuilt painted and replaced, car like new,
Lot's of spareparts (gearbox (short final drive), front and rear suspension parts, spare ECU, etc),
Lightpod, 10 gravel rims, tarmac rims,
Never crashed!
Citroen C2
Citroen C2 Citroen C2

Porsche 911

Auto da Corsa


PCA Race car for sale. 2006 911 Classed as GTB3 (3.8/X51). No expense spared. $75,000 Competitive, very well set up, fast and ready to race History 2006 Carrera, built and raced by Marcus racing and then by Rebel Rock racing Engine replaced w...



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Renault and

Auto da Rally


Renault and Honda Clio and Type R RiepasX Rally School offers: School - Pilot’s driving skills examination. Different driving styles and driving car from a technical point of view. The development of a private driving style and monitoring. Pilot's ...

All Volkswagen Vauxhall Opel BMW Dodge Viper Chrysler



All Volkswagen Vauxhall Opel BMW Dodge Viper Chrysler Specialist for race engines + race technics engineering Development, production and sales of racing engines - revision of sports and racing engines of almost all vehicles, AZ - Alfa, Audi, BM...

Citroen C2

Auto da Corsa




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Porsche Porsche Team Wear



Porsche Porsche Team Wear Porsche Team Wear For sale T-shirt Polo shirt Jacket Sweatshirt etc...

Seat Ibiza

Rally Cross


Seat Ibiza Sell ​​chassis with FIA papers, no engine, chassis and tires. Got my first racing season completed successfully ................. Ideal for beginners in the car or rallycross !!!!! The stated price is still negotiable! Verkau...



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