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Porsche 997

Porsche 997 Porsche 997 Porsche 997 Porsche 997 Porsche 997 Porsche 997 Porsche 997 Porsche 997

Porsche 997

Prezzo: €65.000

Dati principali

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Porsche 997 GT3 CUP MY2009

Porsche 997 GT3 CUP MY2009
ODO 17151 km
CH.NR WP0ZZZ99Z9S798217

Has run 8:40 at the Nurburgring/VLN.
Painted in Carrerawhite under the foil, great and nice body!
Body and Engine was changed 2011.

These last few years the car only has been running some VLN races and some races here in Sweden.

Additional equipment mounted on the car right now:
-Bilstein 2-way chassi (Renovated 2013-10-03) (Frontdampers even renovated 2014-10-03)
-Paddleshift from KMP-Motorsport (2014-03-28)
-Adjustable Bosch M4 Race-ABS from KMP-Motorsport (2013-03-28)
-Gearbox regularly rebuild at KMP-Motorsport, Drexler LSD. (Renovated fore 2014)
-Extra Motec memory
-Performance Friction brakes
-Chassi upgrade to -2011 spec. Steering gear/track rods, wishbones front, wishbones rear,track rods rear.
-Tilton 4-discs
-Tilton flywheel
-Crash beam front & rear
-Spoilers in the front “flarps”

All original parts left. Like gearleaver, dampers etc.. Can be delivered in Original-make or “rennen-make” with all the stuffs.

Regulary serviced, full history.
-Motec cable
-ABS program
-Paddleshift program + cable
-High & low stands
-Seatbelts 2019
-Fire-extinguisher 2016
-4 sets of wheels (BBS)
-Manual to car
- Defueling hose
-Air lance
-Tools for wheel-nut and driveshafts.
-Radio in the car

Spare parts like: rear bumper, used drivshafts, brakes, tires, lights, splitters, wheelnuts etc..

500.000 SEK +VAT for the car in original make
+150.00 SEK + VAT with Paddleshift & RACE-ABS
+50.000 SEK + VAT with Bilstein dampers + chassi parts
= 700.000 SEK + VAT For the whole car with all the parts mounted. Race-Ready endurance car!

Owned by a company!
Can be delivered in Europe.

For more information and pictures please get in touch!

PFIRacing @ Facebook & Instagram
Porsche 997
Porsche 997 Porsche 997 Porsche 997 Porsche 997 Porsche 997 Porsche 997 Porsche 997 Porsche 997

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The car was repainted in its original color.Inside,it retains the original interior, with original steering wheel, shift knob, radio, flashlight, owners manual, and tools.The dashboard, door panels, trim, switchgear, and carpeting are all in very go...



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