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Kia ProCeed

Kia ProCeed Kia ProCeed Kia ProCeed Kia ProCeed Kia ProCeed Kia ProCeed Kia ProCeed Kia ProCeed
Kia ProCeed Kia ProCeed Kia ProCeed Kia ProCeed

Kia ProCeed

Prezzo: €6.500

Dati principali

Front Wheel __


Kia ProCeed

Kia Ceed Cup 2.0 / book of sport car /

Rally car built in 2008 on the basis of the brand new Kia Proceed to competing in the Cup Kia Ceed. After completion of the Cup car was involved in several mountain races and several Polish Cup Series races. Last year occasionally used during events and training. Behind the wheel sat among others Maciek Oleksowicz :)

Auto 100% working - only 12.000km on clock !!!!

The car has a book PZM sports car. At the moment, beyond removed, extinguishing system, and one has already lost the seat of approval - the car meets all the requirements to take off in accordance with the directives PZM (polish motorsport union). The vehicle is registered, of course, has a valid MOT and insurance.

Engine: four-cylinder, double overhead camshafts and variable valve timing CVVT
Displacement: 1975ccm
Power: about 150KM
Maximum torque: 230 Nm about
Transmission: 5 speed
Front: ventilated discs, pads Carbone Lorraine
Rear: Ventilated disc
Rims: 7.5 "x 17" Dotz Daytona,
Tires: 205 / 50R17 Pirelli P Zero Corsa, R15 AVON Slick
Suspension: Threaded, Bilstein shock absorbers, springs H & R
Cage in accordance FIA regulations IRECO
Carbon bellies, a cuvette
OMP helmet bag
Schroth window grid
Performance: 0-100: about 8 sec.
Maximum speed: 220 km / h
Weight: 1130 kg
seats: Tora and Bimarco
5 point belts
Momo steering wheel

The buyer out of the car will receive all the documentation, half the garage of spare parts and consumables.

I highly recommend to all those seeking economic fully prepared rally cars, non-investment. Taking into account the modifications which the car was treated as a symbolic mileage - the price is more than attractive for the car ready for the sport.

Currently the car glued in Shell - of course graphics can be easily removed

For those interested in the whole history of the car, along with photos of the construction.
For seriously interested, of course, can negotiate the price :)
Kia ProCeed
Kia ProCeed Kia ProCeed Kia ProCeed Kia ProCeed Kia ProCeed Kia ProCeed Kia ProCeed Kia ProCeed Kia ProCeed Kia ProCeed Kia ProCeed Kia ProCeed

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