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Radical SR

Radical SR Radical SR Radical SR Radical SR Radical SR Radical SR

Radical SR

Prezzo: €65.000

Dati principali



Sell radical SR3 RS 2013 + closed trailer
FIA Tank
All options
65H of rolling
4 set of tires (slick)
2 set of tires (rain)
The 40H service in england
All other services to Motorsport (bresse race circuit in France)
Radical SR
Radical SR Radical SR Radical SR Radical SR Radical SR Radical SR

Peugeot 309

Auto da Rally


Peugeot 309 GTI 16 Vend 309 gti 16 bon état général Ideal rallye, course de cote, slalon Puce peugeot, baquet neuf monté en 2013,arceau 10 points. En plus moteur, boite, roues...



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BMW 745



Motore BMW M83/32 T/1 (tipo M106 745 turbo E23) Tutto nuovo compreso la turbina 3430 cc; 6 cilindri / 2 valvole (STR 6 OHC); turbo; 252 Cv Motore sperimentale marcato 1981 da cui è stato derivato il motore M106 della 745 turbo E23. Questo motor...

Flatshifter Blip clutchless downshift kit



Flatshifter Blip clutchless downshift kit Quickshifter/flatshifter blip system unique stand alone clutchless downshift system for all engines using a sequential transmission works along side all engines ecu`s please go to lots o...

Renault Clio

Auto da Corsa


Renault clio vendo o permuto clio gruppo racing start o vln V3 nuova d'allestimento, mai corso



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Ford Fiesta



Ford Fiesta KW Competition 3 carriage for all Ford Fiesta ST from 2003 or younger. The chassis is in excellent condition and year of manufacture is 08/2010. Front axle 3 times and rear axle 2 times adjustable. Basic setup included. Ready to ...



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Tatuus F.

Auto da Corsa


Tatuus F. RENAULT 2000 evo 2007 Formula Renault 2000 evo 2007. Totally overhauled ready race. Fuel tank, seat belts, fire extinguisher, all approved. very beautiful. equipped with telemetry Evo 3 AIM.



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