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Opel Corsa

Opel Corsa

Opel Corsa

Prezzo: €45.000

Dati principali

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From genuine RML.
Gravel & Tarmac Setup.
1 Operating time.
Sequential gearbox Recardo 6 speeds.
Motor Swindon.
Loudest in England.
The car is a general reconstruction.
With invoices Swindon & Recardo.

Given together ''EXTRA''

2 Set Shock Gravel.
20 Rims Gravel.
5 Rims Tarmac.
Extra Gearbox.
1 Set Driveshaft.
Original headlights.
1 Set Front wishbone.
1 Set fender.
Complete rack.
Water cooler.
Exhaust manifold.
Gravel brake discs.
Opel Corsa

Citroen C2

Auto da Rally


Citroen C2 gt Construido durante el 2011 con la nueva homologación. Carrocería nueva, con arco tipo R2 Max y reforzada. Suspesion Boss. Motor de la copa con centralita de Mayo 2013. Electónica simplificada. Dispone de mucho repue...



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New Trailer 01-2016 AstaCar Prestige



We are specialized in the manufacturing of trailers to measure and are happy to present the specification of our model. The attached photos are from our latest build in 2016. Whatever your needs, converting to auto racing, transport of goods or...



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Ford Fiesta

Auto da Rally


Ford Fiesta R2 Top-spec Ford Fiesta R2 available for rent from M-Sport Fiesta R2 Re-Sellers Baltic Motorsport Promotion. All the latest upgrades incl.warning lights kit, reinforced rear beam etc. Car available in gravel / snow spec. Car built fro...

1970 -

Auto da Rally


1970 - Dodge Dart 340" peugeot 206 rc perfetta e vinvente motore rifatto 1 gara sedili nuovi e cinture cambio inesti frintali zanchellini sospenzioni orap quadro digitale eletronia mektronic



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Mercedes Atego,



Mercedes Atego, trailer, rally car, recce car Mercedes Atego, trailer, rally car, recce car Mercedes Atego service truck, trailer, EVO 9 R4 (full spec) rally car, EVO 9 recce car are for sale together.



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Vauxhall/opel Astra



Vauxhall/opel Astra 888 Astra spares we now have the largest stock in the world of 888 Astra Coupe spares. body panels original moulds uprights wishbones steering racks subframes 406 gearbox ratios sodemo engines swindon engines ra...